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Cookie Policy


The purpose of this policy is to inform you about the use of cookies in this website in accordance with the legislation regulating the services at the information society as well as the e-commerce.
What are cookies and what are they used for?
Cookies are text files generated and stored by a server into Users’ computer/smartphone/tablet (from now on “device”) when they visit some websites so it can store and obtain information about the Users’ navigation from their device. Cookies can also be a code allowing the Users’ unequivocal identification during the navigation. This is the reason why cookies can store information about Users’ device or about their navigation sessions in the websites visited, e.g. website visited, connection time to the Internet or any other data depending on the type of cookie.
As a matter of fact, the use of cookies while browsing the  website allows to obtain information related to Users’ navigation; to improve the Users’ experience; to gather the usage statistics of the website plus other information as the browser used by the Users, number of pages visited, number of visits; to track Users’ movements while browsing a website, the time spent in the website or in a particular page, the shopping basket state, and other information;
geolocating the Users through the geolocation of the device connected (information about the region and, potentially, data related to the town in some countries); to measure the effectiveness of its e-mail campaigns and improving the service features for specific segments of the Users, especially of the subscribers to commercial and advertising e-communications and newsletters; to know whether the subscribers to commercial and advertising e-communications and newsletters have opened those communications as well as the usage made of the links contained in them for each recipient, as the click on the links contained in the e-mails, so campaign monitoring reports can be build with the information collected.
This website uses its own cookies and third party cookies. The User will find specific information about them further on.
How does cookies authorization work in our website?

Regarding the use of cookies in this website, the User must know that they give their authorization and consent to the use of cookies in the following means:

  • You accept the use of cookies made in this website on the purposes specified in this policy if you mark or click on the I ACCEPT notice shown in the first information layer.

Even so, although the User has initially accepted the use of cookies while browsing in our website, they can revoke their consent at any time, disabling and refusing it, as it is explained in the pertinent section of this policy.
The User has still the control on cookies, as they are stored in the browser of the devices used. Therefore, the User can read them, screen them, refuse them or delete them at any time.
Which are the third party cookies this website uses and to what purpose?
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